Working Like You’ve Never Worked Before!
Working Like You’ve Never Worked Before!
Fruit Study #2

How often do we fall into habitual patterns of working? It is so easy to do. And how do we snap out of those habitual ways into a new vision of our work? Not so easy to do.

For me, the shift often comes almost by accident: a photo I intended one way comes out another; textures of paint that I have worked on for weeks suddenly begin to peel, and reveal old layers that become new, unplanned, and beautiful; the computer crashes in the middle of vital, but yet unsaved revisions, forcing me to begin again and the words come in an unexpected, unplanned flood of newness.

All of these things can seem at first reaction like terrible mistakes. I tell my students to always welcome their mistakes with immense gratitude, because it is those very mistakes that move us from our habitual modes into the uncharted, unforeseen territory of exploration–be it with verbal or visual imagery.

So welcome your mistakes. Rejoice in your errors. And gladden your eyes, your ears, and your heart with new vision.


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