The Good Old Days: The Hidden Dangers of Nostalgia

Recently a friend sent me a link to a long array of nostalgia from the 40’s and ’50’s, along with a message glorifying and wishing back for the “good old days”. What follows is the letter I wrote to her, but had the discernment not to hit “send”. There is no point in life in […]

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Your Smile, Your Face, Your words

This morning I received an email from Marc and Angel Hack Life,, a wonderful blog to which I subscribe and I hope you will as well. That message said this is for YOU, straight to you. Others will be confused. They will think it is for them, but this is for you. It was […]

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Between Friends: Shared memories

I am losing a beloved friend.  More accurately, I am losing the richness of a relationship formed by years of mutual treasured recollections.  I am becoming the bearer of our shared memories. Like cascading water, or richly colored leaves in autumn,  my friend is gradually releasing all her remembrances into the care of those who have loved her.   (more…)

From Legacy Magazine: Complexity, Exploring Life Through Art

A phone call and an appointment put me face to face with a handsome young journalist, thoughtful, attentive, and thorough.  As the interview progressed, with various interruptions from my four-year-old granddaughter, it emerged that Cai Roman had participated in a ceramics class I taught at The Bascom for high school students, at the invitation of […]

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Home is a relative term.  In French there is no equivalent for the English word home.  The French term chez may refer to a business, a building, a restaurant, or just a house, as well as that place we think of as home.   I first went to live in France as a student–young, frightened and uncertain–having […]

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Figure Painting Class: This is my body, which is _____.

At The Bascom Center for Visual Arts
Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Oct 22, 23, 29, 30.

Come join me at the beautiful Bascom Art Center, here in Highlands. I’ll be assisting you with the expression of your body image and your self-realization. We will use a range of mediums and methods to explore the involvement of the body in creative expression. We’ll also look at how our sense of embodiment is expressed in our daily lives.

Calypso - Figure Painting

Medium: Acrylic
Levels: I, II, III

Sign up for the class.