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The Difference You Make And Never Know

Winter is coming on now and it is cold at last. I have been sitting by the fire and re-reading a post I wrote some time ago about how little we know of the difference very small things in our lives may make to others–a difference we may never be aware of except for unexpected coincidence.   […]

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The Birds Don’t Know They Can’t Fly

Recently I attended a large artists’ workshop. My agenda focused on unfamiliar media: water soluble oils, assemblage, metal patinas, and photoshop abstractions with stencils. Since I am unable to drive long distances, I had the chance to spend a night with a dear old friend who had been Director of the Bascom-Louise Gallery here. Such fun […]

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The Good Old Days: The Hidden Dangers of Nostalgia

Recently a friend sent me a link to a long array of nostalgia from the 40’s and ’50’s, along with a message glorifying and wishing back for the “good old days”. What follows is the letter I wrote to her, but had the discernment not to hit “send”. There is no point in life in […]

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Your Smile, Your Face, Your words

This morning I received an email from Marc and Angel Hack Life, http://www.marcandangel.com, a wonderful blog to which I subscribe and I hope you will as well. That message said this is for YOU, straight to you. Others will be confused. They will think it is for them, but this is for you. It was […]

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On Courtesy and Release: Road Rage on a Small Gravel Road

The road I travel daily is gravel, much like the roads of my childhood. I remember those long, dusty odysseys to various relatives’ houses on hot summer weekends with my parents: the crunch of the gravel, the clouds of dust that roiled up around our tires, my mother’s yellow headscarf  flapping in the wind. The […]

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It Could Be Worse: Afterthoughts on Zip Lining

Zip lining is not inherently dangerous. It is generally beautiful, simultaneously exciting and peaceful, and sometimes exhilarating. I know. I have enjoyed that experience more than once. The end of my first zip line adventure in Costa Rica was to rappel from a high cliff down an exquisite waterfall that took my breath, literally. And shocked me […]

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In Memory of Marcus Borg

“So, is there an afterlife, and if so, what will it be like? I don’t have a clue. But I am confident that the one who has buoyed us up in life will also buoy us up through death. We die into God. What more that means, I do not know. But that is all […]

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Between Friends: Shared memories

I am losing a beloved friend.  More accurately, I am losing the richness of a relationship formed by years of mutual treasured recollections.  I am becoming the bearer of our shared memories. Like cascading water, or richly colored leaves in autumn,  my friend is gradually releasing all her remembrances into the care of those who have loved her.   (more…)